Yamaha now offers customers a complete range of EFI 4 stroke outboard engines, further extending its renowned marine engine range…

Yamaha’s impressive 4 stroke outboard lineup has received another boost with the release of a new fuel-injected 100 hp unit. With this engine slotted into the mid-range section of the series, Yamaha now has a complete range of EFI 4 strokes from 50 to 225 hp.

All of these sophisticated engines deliver superior fuel efficiency as a result of advanced engine management technology.

Joining the recently introduced 50, 60 and 80 hp EFI models, the newly released Yamaha 100 hp EFI now well and truly rounds out the comprehensive mid-range group of Yamaha 4 stroke EFI outboards. Basically, boaters have never had a better selection of engines from which to choose.

Utilising Yamaha’s exclusive multi-point fuel injection system, the new 100hp 4 stroke model delivers exceptional reliability, high performance, quick cold weather starts and smooth, comfortable running.

It is an engine that will perform exceptionally on the transom of family cruisers and sportsfishing machines. Boaters who appreciate performance and economy delivered through advanced new age outboard technology will be very pleased with everything this Yamaha has to offer.

The Yamaha F100D is a 4 cylinder outboard that displaces 1596cc. Tipping the scales at just 172 kg (4 kg lighter than its carburetted predecessor), the superior power to weight ratio is responsible for the exceptional performance.

In profile, the Yamaha F100D boasts virtually the same dimensions as 2 stroke outboards of the same power output.

Of particular significance are the environmental aspects of this new outboard. The EFI system ensures exceptional clean burning in virtually all operating conditions. In terms of emission standards, this new Yamaha model complies with US EPA 2006 legislation and the ultra-stringent CARB 2008 regulations.

In-line with contemporary manufacturing standards, the environmental impact of a product is also measured by the proportion of the product that can be recycled when its useful life is reached. The rate of recyclable parts and components for these outboard engines is calculated to be in excess of 90 per cent.

In the new F100D, the entire engine operation is controlled by the advanced microprocessor (Engine Control Module). Inputs from 6 sensors are computed to deliver the precise and optimum fuel/air mixture to each combustion chamber.

The ECU provides warning data to the operator for situations such as low oil pressure and over heating. Engine over-revving is also protected.

Optimal combustion is achieved through the programming of the ECU and its precise operation. Through super-precise ignition timing and accurate delivery of measured amounts of atomised fuel, the fuel efficiency achieved will delight boaters every time they fill up.

When at sea, the reliability of an outboard is naturally of utmost importance, and an advanced feature of the Yamaha 4 stroke is the failsafe system. In the event that any of the sensors are in trouble, the failsafe system keeps the engine running to bring you home safely.

A key feature of the Yamaha F100D is the utilisation of double overhead camshafts. These are responsible for better valve timing and optimum flow of gases through the powerhead. Four valves per cylinder greatly improve the intake and exhaust efficiency.


Guiding your boat into unchartered waters has never been simpler thanks to Yamaha’s new tiller handle for mid-range outboard engines. Featuring new technology, the tiller handle is available on select 2 stroke and 4 stroke Yamaha engines ranging from 40-60 hp.

Designed with fishing enthusiasts in mind, the technology behind this development is in a league of its own. At the touch of a button, the operator can increase or decrease the trolling speed using the surface mounted Variable Trolling switch. This switch, available on the 50 and 60 hp 4 stroke models, allows anglers to accurately set the desired troll speed without fiddling with the tiller throttle, thereby concentrating on the fishing. At the press of the button, engine speed can be precisely increased or lowered.

Also an industry first, Yamaha has cleverly integrated a Power Trim and Tilt (PTT) switch into the throttle handle, allowing the operator to set the boat’s trim and adjust outboard height while running. The PTT switch is not only convenient, but also adds an extra element of safety to the boating experience.

Mounting the switch on the handle means the operator can adjust the outboard while concentrating on the passage ahead and achieving optimum trim on the hull.

Throttle response can be tuned to the operator’s liking with a cleverly designed throttle friction knob located at the base of the throttle. For added safety, a built-in LED visual warning alerts the crew when operating levels are below their optimum range.

Functionally shaped, the completely new handle assembly from Yamaha was standardised for both 2 stroke and 4 stroke applications and allows easy access to the main switch and kill switch, which are in full view.

Shifting from forward to reverse is made simple via the ergonomically-designed tiller handle mounted shift lever. Comfortable to grip and hosting a built-in neutral switch, the lever is well positioned and within easy reach of the operator.

Current owners of mid-range Yamaha outboards wishing to take advantage of Yamaha’s new tiller handle can also have the unit retro-fitted to their existing outboard.



Yamaha has completed the ultimate fishing picture for Andrew ‘ET’ Ettingshausen by powering his new fishing boat with two powerful Yamaha 150 hp 4 stroke engines.

ET hosts the popular fishing and outdoors television program, Escape with ET. Having discovered his love of fishing at an early age and becoming a media personality after a successful rugby league career, ET now entertains viewers by broadcasting dynamic fishing adventures from hotspots in Australia and around the world.

Already delighted with the performance of his Yamaha 115 hp 4 stroke outboard engine, ET needed to find dual power plants capable of taking his new Haines Hunter sportfishing boat to remote locations.

“When it came time to choose a pair of outboards for my new Haines Hunter fishing rig, the choice was simple,” said ET.

“The dual Yamaha 150 hp 4 strokes on my new boat are absolutely superb. The fuel cost for the pair is less than $1/km running at 50 km/h.”

The benefits of owning a Yamaha 4 stroke are an everyday reality for Andrew. He fishes offshore for his television program and for fun with his family chasing marlin, jewfish and kings.

The Yamaha F150A 4 stroke is an ideal powerplant for practically every Australian trailer boat in the 5.5-6.5 m category.

Yamaha outboards are available through an Australia-wide network of authorised Yamaha outboard dealers. All Yamaha outboard models are fully backed by a comprehensive 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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